Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Kamikaze cat prevention

Having a cat in a fourth floor flat presents problems as summer approaches and we want to open the windows. Apparently a previous occupant's cat did jump and survived unharmed but not something I would not want to even think about risking with Cleo.

Sunday was spent assembling some mesh inserts from Cataire Screening which fit the bill and the secondary glazing slots very nicely. Assemble it yourself aluminium frames with black nylon mesh (hardly visible) which temporarily replace the sliding glazing panels for some cool summer breeze.

Good value and exactly what we wanted: definitely recommended!


Anonymous said...

You will probably like this picture taken by Ni Vi Ni Connu's Martine http://www.flickr.com/photos/nivuniconnu/9309776/

Mark McLellan said...

Thanks for that link. Yep, they do like to take the higher ground and look down upon the world.

I think that is why cats like to sit on sheets of paper. Something in their tiny feline brains translates 'different' as 'higher'.