Monday, March 14, 2005

A weekend in Auld Reekie

Mary and I went up to Edinburgh (aka Auld Reekie) for the weekend to watch Scotland get stuffed by Wales in the Six Nations.

We spent Saturday shopping followed by lunch and a siesta; I don't have the stamina I used to :-( In the evening we met up with Maggie and Ron for an excellent meal at First Coast.

Sunday was Holyroodhouse, lunch and the match. Mary had warned me about the biting Edinburgh wind so I had gone armed with thermal long johns and multiple t-shirt layers which kept me toasty warm. The 4°C and wind chill factor did not, however, deter a number of Scots from wearing kilts.

Although Mary has visited a number of times and me a couple we decided to treat ourselves to the AA guide to Edinburgh which provided some unintentional amusement (for the second it helps to know that Mary's Dad, sister and brother-in-law all are / were in the "polis"). Obviously written assuming no knowledge at all about the UK on the part of the reader:

• Tap water in Edinburgh is safe and reasonably palatable.
• Scots policemen [...] are friendly and approachable and will give directions and information willingly.
• You are unlikely to get sunburnt in Edinburgh...

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