Friday, March 11, 2005

Dad's 80th birthday

Another major life milestone: Dad reached 80 yesterday. To celebrate he requested just the immediate family (me, siblings Ian and Jane, Mum and himself) gathered at the parental home in Farnham for the handing over of gifts and the eating of a Chinese take-away. Plus a couple of nice bottles of wine.

Dad is a late adopter when it comes to technology so we bought him a DVD player to supplement his video. Since he loves film it makes future presents easy peasy. Mary started him off with "Citizen Kane" a film right up there (some say at No. 1).

It was a long evening with the usual wide-ranging discussions covering everything from the impact of "Shape of Things to Come" on war-time morale to prostate cancer. Jane stayed over; Ian gave up alcohol about four years ago and so was able to give me a lift home.

Spoke to Dad this evening and he said the evening was all he could have wished for, a reminder of how important family is to him. That must mean me then :-) and Ian and Jane of course but also the grand-children.

This morning he got a card from nephew Ben with a very touching message about how Dad had been an inspiration to him over the years and fostered his interested in film, leading to his choice of degree and career in the film. Well done Ben!

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