Tuesday, March 08, 2005

First ever Mother's day card

We don't go in for Mother's Day in a big way in our family. In fact we don't go for it all. Last year was the first time in my 52 years on planet earth that I had ever sent anything - some flowers. That was prompted by her mastectomy in January '04 and the wake-up call that she might not be around indefinitely.

Last year, as I was in Dublin for the weekend, I was not able to visit and was not organised enough to plan ahead and send a card. Instead I used Interflora to send a bunch of flowers. It was when I called to see if they had arrived that I learned she was on the operating table starting a four hour operation (see Not a very good Mother's day).

So this year another break with (non-)tradition: I went in person on Sunday afternoon and delivered my first ever Mother's Day card by hand. So that was nice.

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