Monday, August 07, 2023

Cisternino Celebrates San Quirico 2023

Cisternino, Puglia, Italy. Saturday/Monday 05/07-August-2023.

Cisternino celebrates its Festa Patronale - patron saint's day - with three days of parades both secular and spiritual. The patron saints Quirico e Giulitta are a mother and son double act with multiple versions of their martyrdom.

The town band in our street.

Surely only in small town Italy would they close off the main street through the town for an entire evening for a disco and dancing in the street.

Via San Quirico down by the Pineta is the venue for lots of artisanal stalls.

The market extends into our street.

Every festival brings out the street illuminations. There must be a huge warehouse somewhere that they store these between events. They do add to the magical atmosphere.

No festa would be complete without a marching band.

When I blogged this festival in 2015 we were living in Via Manzoni and I noted then that they had paved the street outside our window. Eight years later we are in a new apartment just 500m away on the other side of the old town and they have just re-paved our current street. 

They have picked up from where the pedestrianised section of Corso Umberto I finishes, round the corner by San Cataldo into our stretch as far as Piazza Mazzini.

Now it is all done and the street reopened.

The council’s plan is to complete the circuit of the old town along part of via Roma, up Via Mulina Vecchi and back down to where it joins back up to Via San Quirico. It’ll be lovely once it’s all done. 

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