Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Yard After Dark

Brunswick yard, Penrith. Saturday 12-February-2023.

Literally up our Street. I can see Brunswick Yard from our front window. By day, it is a mishmash of architectural salvage, antique / junk shops, secondhand bookshop, coffee stall and home to Black Hand Wines. By night, several times a year, it turns into a beer, pizza and live music event. Apparently it used to be a regular feature pre-Covid and has just started up again. We missed out on the January event because it was sold out by the time we heard about it. This time we were quick off the mark.

An unusual approach to custom ticketing.

The beer was provided by Fell and the bar was manned by the regular staff from Fell Bar and Salsa. I’m not sure who was responsible for the pizza. The music was provided by Delagrave who are another local band that we have seen a couple of times previously. The seating on the left and beer tent on the right.

Freshly cooked pizza - very popular so they had a real production line going.

Beer and pizza - food of the gods.

The area where the stage was set up is normally occupied by a stack of Turkish carpets and rugs.

Delagrave with young videographer. Once they started playing the venue filled up pretty quickly.

Afterwards we had to go via home so Mary could start a bread dough in order that it could rise overnight. Then we popped down to Fell Bar for a nightcap and bumped into members of the band and a number of people I recognised from the audience. 

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