Monday, February 13, 2023

Water’s Edge at Fell Bar

Penrith, UK. Thursday 11-February-2023.

I’m not sure why I haven’t done gig reports for previous bands in Fell Bar. I think it may be because they have been part of other events such as Winter Droving and festive events. As I was listening to this band I thought “They are good, I should do I write up” so here we are.

Water’s Edge are a local band from Keswick and for this gig appeared in a slightly reduced version. They were minus a guitarist and a sax player but on the other hand augmented by a recently recruited bass player. Just as well because they wouldn't have all fitted in!

They played two sets with a range of musical styles.  It was hard to pin down exactly where they fit in the musical spectrum. Some were straightforward indie rock songs, some were a bit prog rock, some had a tinge of folk. Their website describes it as "a compelling blend of entirely original material, ranging from  soulful ballads, through irresistible, danceable songs to epic anthems." I thought the songs showed real structure in their composition. Not simply repeating the same melody or riff all the way through but navigating their way through a number of sections to make up the whole.

Regardless of how they might be categorised, they got our toes tapping which is always a good sign especially being original material we had not heard before. We noted that everyone stayed on for the second set. Not so much voting with their feet as with their bums on seats. 

I suspect that most of the tracks were composed by the lead singer/guitarist, Lee Hawker, but I can’t say for sure. Shelagh Hughes on organ and violin plus backing vocals is clearly very accomplished musician and made a good double act with Lee. The drummer, Richard Burford, provided a steady backbone. The bass player that evening, Gail, is new to the band and only joined in some of the songs; presumably she is still in the process of learning their repertoire.

We bought their latest CD as we enjoyed the music. I think of it as ticket money since it was a free gig. Also the money goes straight to the band and helps keep music live. 

It is a couple of years since they’ve played a gig, partly courtesy of lockdowns. Hopefully they will get out and about more - they deserve to be heard. An enjoyable evening. 

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