Friday, October 22, 2021

Brunswick Road 06 - Door and Electrics

Penrith, Cumbria. September-2021.

While we were in Italy the works continued.

The builder came and knocked out the wall below the dining room window and the door company installed a huge uPVC door. So now we can exit straight into the yard and can block up the kitchen door if we so choose. The latter is already effectively blocked by the rubbish and recycling bins. We also now have a PIR light above the door, very handy for putting the rubbish out at night.

The roofers finished the various works on the slates and flashing and replacing the small skylight. By the time we returned the scaffolding was gone.

There were a number of electrical re-wiring including new heavy duty cables for the oven and induction hob, relocating sockets from the chimney breast into the alcoves, and putting in USB plug sockets.

The utility room door is going to be enlarged and moved to the left so the extractor fan isolator switch needed raisingl. The other isolator switches had been fitted to the left of the door without checking with us first. That is where the ovens will be so they had to move them all to the window side! Hence the big strip of exposed brickwork.

On our return we found a number of snagging items the worst of which was the position of the new bathroom switches in the hallway (replacement for pull cords inside). They had put both at the same height, side by side,  with the fan isolator switch nearest the door. In the dark we would often turn off the fan instead of switching on the light! That will be fixed to raise the fan isolator up higher as is normal. 

The electricians are booked in to rectify.

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