Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Brunswick Road 05 - Door Recycling

Penrith, Cumbria. August-2021.

The central heating boiler was in a cupboard in the dining room. That had to go. We commissioned the heat and power company to relocate the boiler to the utility room.

Preparing for the boiler relocation, we ripped off the doors to the cupboard intending to reuse them for the newly opened pantry under the stairs. 

Unfortunately the lack of carpenters due to post-Covid demand meant that the task fell to yours truly under the guidance of our more experienced friend Nigel. This is the opening to the pantry where the doors were to go.

There is a good solid door frame but it is, of course, a different size.

So I had to pad the opening out with timbers specially cut to order at the local timber merchants.

Hanging the doors was fiddly as nothing was exactly square or vertical or parallel. Having stable doors added to the challenge as not only did each door have to hang right but I had to ensure they didn't clash. The upper door needed a wafer-thin wedge cut off the entire length for which I had neither the skill nor the tools. Our friend Andrew, an expert joiner, came to the rescue for the trimming and I took it from there.

Not a perfect job but for my first door hanging I can live with it. Still needs painting but the deed is done.

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