Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Knepp 2020

Knepp, West Sussex, UK. Friday/Monday 26/28-June-2020

Our friends' combined wedding anniversary and birthday celebration at Knepp was saved in the nick of time by the easing of lockdown. We had a great visit last year and we booked this visit as soon as we knew about it and signed up for a couple of sarfaris. Really guided walks but we get to wander away off the paths designated for the general public.

The first walk was a dusk safari mainly looking for deer and bats (with the aid of a bat echo doppler shifter to bring their calls within human hearing range).

Bat spotting over Hammer Pond.
The next morning we did a three hour safari packed with wildlife alas no Tamworth pig sightings but we saw a load of other wildlife including a whole peloton of ponies. 

Red Admiral.
Fallow deer.
Cinnabar caterpillar.

Red deer.
After that Mary (in the pink hat) and Daphne went wild swimming in a pond next to the yoga yurt.
Then it was time for the celebration lunch. We had brought our gazebos in case of poor weather and it turned out that we really did need them. Lunch was eaten sheltering from the rain but it did not dampen our spirits.

Breakfast the next morning to celebrate another birthday.
For the whole of our visit we had a very cheeky juvenile robin who kept visiting our hut and was clearly looking for crumbs.
All in all an excellent visit. As soon as next year's timetable is released we will be booking for a early visit during peak butterfly and nightingale season.

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