Sunday, August 09, 2020

Benson Row - 15

Penrith, Cumbria. July-2020.

The money pit for July has been very quiet. Following the exposure of the fireplace I had to redecorate the four walls: two coats of white emulsion and a top coat of White Mist. Given the (poor) quality of the walls this meant an awful lot of filling and sanding.

We have now re-hung lots of our pictures so the place is looking more homely.

We ordered a glass splash back for behind the hob which I fitted. 
We decided against an upstand all round the worktop because of the wobbliness of the walls. Instead we went for a cheap and cheerful quadrant moulding painted, mitred and glued by yours truly.

We have commissioned a replacement floor, continuing the engineered oak in the kitchen / dining room all the way though to the living room. We have also ordered a new front door that hangs the other way.

That's it. The end of the tunnel is in sight.

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