Friday, January 10, 2020

Witness for the Prosecution at London County Hall

London. Friday 10-January-2020

A whodunnit by Agatha Christie delivers exactly what you would expect: corpse, a suspect, clues, more suspects, red herrings, more twists and turns than Hampton Court maze, and a final denouement that catches you by surprise. More than that I cannot say. All good fun!

The production was given added atmosphere by being held in the old GLC council chamber which, with the addition of the statue of justice, made for a very passible courtroom. You could even pay extra to sit in the jury box.

Michael Billington in The Guardian gives it 4 stars: "Witness for the Prosecution review – Christie thriller makes judicious use of County Hall [...] Convention says that TV has now appropriated this kind of Christie mystery but, when staged as cleverly as this, her plays can still work with a live audience. " Full review...

Beforehand we went for an exquisite Japanese meal at Hannah. A restaurant with pretensions to Michelin stardom. The food was beautifully presented and delicious with interesting combinations. A good opportunity to practice mindful eating: cutting small mouthfuls and savouring each bite. Not cheap but worth it for the quality.

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