Friday, January 31, 2020

Benson Row - 10

Penrith, Cumbria. January-2020.

A quiet month at the money pit as far as the builders are concerned. The staircase has two improvements: Firstly the glass was fitted in the handrails so that small children cannot plummet down the stairwell.

Secondly: the bottom turn in the handrail previously had a gap between two separate pieces. The carpenter has managed to make a turn-and-tilt corner as one continuous rail though the cunning use of two adjacent joints with a short connecting piece. That meant I could finish off sanding and varnishing all the stairwell woodwork.

More delays in the the kitchen fitting as the floor was not level enough for the quality engineered oak boards we have chosen. A second self levelling screed was needed in the kitchen end of the kitchen / dining room with the aid of a laser spirit level. That means that the kitchen fitting can finally begin.

There were plenty of minor tasks for me: changing the door bolts to silver to match the handles, various bits of paint touch up, hanging pictures and mirrors.

We also have been art shopping, buying pictures by local artists to hang on the walls. This involved meeting in person or visiting them in their studios: Hayden Morris, Becca Fielding, Mary ChappelhowAlan Stones. We spent some time taking tea with Alan and getting a full tour of his workshop and explanation about lithography. It is great to actually meet the artists whose work you will hang on your walls.

In other, news: we ate and drank to excess celebrating four birthdays on four successive days, Nigel, Robbie Burns, Mary, and Christine.

That's all folks.

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