Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Benson Row - 02

Penrith, Cumbria. Saturday 12-April-2019 / Thursday 24-April-2019.

This visit to Penrith involved some fairly bonkers logistics due to our itinerary. We started in Italy, preceded Penrith with Gloucestershire for a 50th birthday party weekend, and followed it with Easter in Scotland visiting the mother-in-law then back to London via Penrith in time for my mother's 92nd birthday. Then the London Marathon! Blog post on that to follow...

This meant we had to pack for all three locations a whole month beforehand having everything ready to go before flying out to Italy in early March. We started in Puglia on Saturday with an early taxi to the airport, flew into Gatwick, went straight home, threw everything into the car and were on the road again an hour and 10 minutes later, arriving at the Gloucestershire party house just in time for pre-dinner drinks. A great weekend with old friends celebrating the birthday of the "baby" of the team.

Monday it was off after breakfast to drive to Penrith via B & Q to purchase decorating supplies.

Tuesday I painted the living room nutmeg white while we awaited delivery of tables and chairs followed by a meeting with a kitchen designer.

Wednesday it was assembling IKEA wardrobes while we were waiting for the delivery of two single divan beds.

Front bedroom.

Middle bedroom.

Twin beds for front bedroom.

Thursday it was the turn of the sofas to be delivered plus meetings with a second kitchen designer and a building surveyor to discuss possible reconfiguration of the stairs to see if we could squeeze in a downstairs toilet. The sofas wouldn't easily go through the door so I has to massage the cushions past the door frame while the two delivery men did the heavy lifting.

A three seater and a two seater from a local store.

In amongst all that, a couple of trips to the tip to dispose of the huge quantities of cardboard involved in all this furniture delivery and assembly.

Friday morning it was another crack of dawn start to drive up to Scotland for Easter with the mother-in-law.

Part two of the visit included calling in to Penrith for two nights on our way back to London. This involved more shopping, changing the locks (front and back doors), reconfiguring the IKEA wardrobes into a single unit, installing a TV bracket, taking delivery of a secondhand hi-fi and setting up the music system.

Waiting for the retirement relaxation to kick in!

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