Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Hairy Bikers at G Live

Guildford. Thursday 21-March-2019

An Evening With the Hairy Bikers provided pretty much what you would expect. Si and Dave on stage chatting away regaling us with anecdotes from their career. Assorted video clips of their early days, misadventures and outtakes. A cookery demonstration, of course, with two guinea pigs selected from the audience as on-stage diners. Then a break and the same thing all over again.

There were also questions from the audience. Some of these were clearly the usual suspects as they had clips ready to roll to answer them. Others seemed novel and evoked some of the funnier stories. The evening finished with a song featuring Si surprisingly good on drums and a guest bass player.

The train back to Clapham was relatively painless but even so I might try driving next time

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