Sunday, January 13, 2019

Peter Donegan Band at The Half Moon

Putney, London. Sunday 13-January-2019.

Mary got an email from The Half Moon mailing list announcing that Peter Donegan (son of Lonnie Donegan), booked to play the following weekend, was about to appear on The Voice. So we watched The Voice and decided to pop along. Despite national TV exposure, there were still tickets available for the princely sum of £12 (or £14 on the door).

A meal beforehand in the pub then into the room for the support act who was actually one of the band. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of his name but he did a good set.

Then the man of the hour.

He did remark that a few days before he had played to six (6!) people at a gig in Scotland. I am glad to say this was a lot better attended.

At the end I went to buy the latest CD. When I like the music I always like to do that, not just to listen to the music but to support the musician; they get the money direct into their pocket with no middlemen nor distributors.

His friend / manager / business partner insisted on borrowing my phone to take some pictures and who am I to disagree.

Nice man, good music, excellent evening.

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