Sunday, January 20, 2019

Great British Rock & Blues Festival 2019

Butlins, Skegness. Friday 18-January-2019 to Sunday 20-January-2019.

Our third time at this festival. I cannot give you an act-by-act review as I cannot find the timetable online so I will summarise with the acts we deemed good enough to rush to the front and buy a CD at the end of the set:
  • Dave Speight
  • The Della Grants
  • Jack Broadbent
  • The Stumble
  • Martin Harley
There are loads of excellent photos on the FaceBook group Butlins Rock & Blues Festivals Skegness. I give you my crappy iPhone photos because they are my memory joggers.

There is a good review over at Get Ready To Rock: GREAT BRITISH ROCK & BLUES FESTIVAL – Butlins, Skegness, 18 – 20 January 2019 with more pictures and a different list of bands. Inevitable given the wide ranges of choices over four stage.

Friday 18-January-2019.

Sure enough the weather lived up to Skeggie's reputation with temperatures only just above zero.

Last year, when we booked, we asked for accommodation closer to the venues. I swear they put us in a block further away. It matters when you are a hot house flower like me and the wind-chilled walk to and from the music chills you to the marrow.

Off to the music. Jack Broadbent was excellent.

And the evening went on with many fine acts...

Saturday 19-January-2019.

The "Introducing Stage" showcases up-and-coming acts who you can vote for and the winners get a main stage slot at next year's festival. After a couple of bands at lunchtime, the evening started with some Introducing stage sets, then an early supper and off the Reds stage for The Della Grants.

I popped over to Centre stage for a couple of songs from Clearwater Creedance (sic) Revival. Tribute band and excellent covers of CCR finishing up with a rousing version of Proud Mary.

Back at Reds for Martin Barre's Jethro Tull. He played guitar with Jethro Tull from their second album in 1969 to the band's initial dissolution in 2012. [Wikipedia].

Martin raised the question, "When is a band not a tribute band?" With personnel changes over the years he is the only original member left. But at least there was one so he opined that it was OK. Using that criteria Dr Feelgood are a cover band not the original.

Dave Speight. Now this is full-on Delta Blues, rocking chair on the porch, woke up this morning, kind of blues. He's been playing his own, self taught versions of the classics for 50 years. My sort of blues.

Mike Vernon and the Mighty Combo. Record producer turned performer. The list of acts he has produced is impressive. Now he has stepped out from behind the console to entertain us and his experience shows.

Sugaray Rayford. Energetic entertainer.

Sunday 20-January-2019.

The day started in a chilly Jaks stage. Sadly the worst stage of the lot for a favourite artist of ours, Lucy Zirins. The acoustics are poor and the layout is not conducive to a cosy, intimate atmosphere. Still Lucy was the real trooper and delivered a good full hour's set.

Lucy had pre-release copies of her latest album "Unfound" so we bought two, one for us and one for our friend Delton. Lucy patiently recorded a little message for Delton and I posted off his CD as a surprise gift.

Due to a terrible timetabling clash Lucy was on at exactly time as Martin Harley who we had seen at Ronnie Scott's supporting Lucky Peterson. We were pleased to see that he was on the line-up here so Mary went to see Martin and I went to see Lucy.

General view of the Reds stage which paradoxically was hosting the Blues acts.

Storm Warning. The day continues.

Nine Below Zero.

Grainne Duffy

Dr Feelgood, headlining again.

All good stuff.

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