Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Locus Festival 2017

Locorotondo, Puglia, Italy. Saturday 15-July-2017 / Saturday 08-August-2017

The Locus Festival has provided us with some excellent music and all of it free (at least those we attended). I quote from their website, locusfestival.it:
"The program of the XIII edition of Locus Festival represents the confirmation of Locorotondo’s Festival progressive and international character.
One of the “Most beautiful villages in Italy”, in a territory summing what of the most magical and suggestive atmosphere Puglia has to offer, prepares itself again to host geniuses and significant experiences of the worldwide contemporary music scene, announcing the complete line up of the edition taking place in Locorotondo from the 9th of July to the 12th of August."
I'll go with that. We went to four concerts. After the first we subsequently went armed with folding picnic chairs, plastic glasses and a couple of bottles of wine.

Saturday. 15th July. Piazza Moro | Free Entry

Grand Opening: Danza e musica fra cielo e terra con ELISA BARUCCHIERI e VALENTINA MAGALETTI

The support act was more Cirque du Soleil than music and very spectacular. Suspended from an invisible-in-the-dark crane behind us and beautiful, balletic acrobatics in the sky.

Heliocentrics were very enjoyable.

They seem to be doing a series of gigs all over Europe - see their FB page.

Saturday. 29th July. Piazza Moro | Free Entry
h 21 – live: DAYME AROCEN

Think About It. Local band, good stuff.

Dayme Arocen. Up and coming Cuban singer with a great voice; we bought the CD.

Sunday. 30th July Piazza Moro | Free Entry


Opening: ITALIAN SOUL SUMMIT feat. Serena Brancale, AinĂ©, Davide Shorty

Italian Soul Summit - groovy set.

Robert Glasper Experiment. Enjoyable...

 ... apart from at one point the sax player went off into a long, cacophonous, discordant solo of self-indulgent musical wankery. But then our companion thought it was an excellent solo, so that just goes to show how musical tastes differ.

Sat. 5/8 Piazza Moro | Free Entry

h 21 – live:  YUSSEF KAMAAL

Opening: PANORAMICO – Locus EP

Panoramico - first number was enjoyable but it got a little experimental after that. File under "interesting".

Yussef Kamaal = Yussef Dayes + Kamaal Williams. The duo had recently split but all dates were being honoured by one or the other. We got Yusef Dayes and his band. Yusef plays drums.

Very enjoyable.

So, loads of free music and a good time was had by all.

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