Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Madeline Bell at Ronnie Scott's 2015

Friday 18-June-2015

Second time Mary Galashan and I have had the pleasure of seeing Madeline Bell at Ronnie's. Madeline is having way too much fun. She comes across as such a lovely lady as well as being a fabulous singer. The banter between her and the band is great.

Two songs stand out from the set. The first was a cover of the Abba hit "Money, Money, Money". It gives the song an interesting twist to hear a kitsch pop song sung by a soul vocalist. The other was "Melting Pot" which was a huge hit for Blue Mink and as she said made so much more that followed possible for her (or words to that effect).

We went with friends Grant and Helen. Grant called Madeline an entertainer which is a good description. She does more than just sing. She connects with the audience by grinning and not taking it it too seriously and clearly having a good time.

When she signed our copy of her CD she took real care to sign her name, and ours, clearly and legibly unlike like some other's squiggle signatures. When I mentioned the banter between her and the percussionist she said they had been playing together for years and they all loved each other. That showed in the performance. Go see her if you can.

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