Thursday, June 18, 2015

Errol Linton's Blues Band at Green Note

Camden Town, London. Saturday 12-Jun-2015.

Congratulations to Green Note voted Londoners’ Favourite Music Venue in the London Music Awards sponsored by The Mayor's Music Fund in association with Time Out.  Well deserved.

I had a couple of colleagues from overseas who were in London over the weekend so I organised an evening of music at this fine venue. We got there early and snagged the front table closest to the minuscule stage. The stage is so small they could only squeeze four of the band on the stage, the guitarist had to stand off the edge.

As luck would have it Errol Linton was on and Blues is Delton's favourite music. Excellent Chicago blues with a seasoning of reggae beat in the mix. Brilliant music played with energy. When you are that close you really get a feel for the personality of the individual band members because you can see every smile and grimace, every fleeting expression. They played two sets, nearly two hours of live music and all for the bargain price of £9 a ticket. Amazing!

As Mary said Green Note punches above its weight. For a small venue it has excellent acts night after night. Every time I have been there it has been a musical treat.

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