Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Circular walk from Cheesefoot Head

Sunday 19-Jan-14. Near Winchester. 14.3 miles in 4:36, average speed 3.1.

Last year we walked a total of 390 miles on proper walks (Mary did more because of Race for Life and some power walks where I was not present). So we reset the clock and started our 2014 walks.

We parked up at Cheesefoot Head (a large natural amphitheatre near Winchester) and headed off on a big anticlockwise loop. Apparently during the Second World War, prior to D-Day, General Eisenhower addressed American troops stationed locally and it is regularly the site of crop circles.

It was a lovely day if a bit nippy and, thanks to the recent rain, a bit slippy.

We had been aiming for The Milbury's Pub for lunch but the going was slow so we took an early sandwich stop on a fallen tree.

By then we were most of the way round with a stretch through some woods to our original, planned lunch stop which turned into a beer and crisps stop.

The sun was getting low when we got back to the car park with some lovely "Golden Hour" light showing the countryside to best effect.

Not a bad pace for a walk that was very muddy and slippery underfoot.

Up next we hope to restart our Thames Path expedition.

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