Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013 - Ambleside, Lake District 04

Friday / Saturday 27/28-Dec-2013

It was a very damp couple of days after Bob and Lynn left so we decided to swap walking for eating and drinking.

Friday we strolled into Ambleside for a beer festival and a bit of shopping for walking gear.

A number of pubs have started doing beer paddles holding three third-of-a-pint glasses. A good innovation for the indecisive and those who like variety. My favourite was the Bowman Quiver.

On the Saturday we went into Windermere to meet up with Mary's uncle Ronnie and Avril. On the way we called in to the Lakeland Mothership (home of the company formerly know as Lakeland Plastics). This is an Aladdin's cave of kitchenware; we bought all sorts of stuff.

One gadget I can see little use for is this pineapple and wedger. How many pineapples do you have to eat to make this a worthwhile purchase over a sharp knife and a few minutes hacking? We eat about one pineapple a year so clearly not on our shopping list.

Our holiday in the lake district ended with a flurry of domesticity as we cleaned the apartment thoroughly before checkout - that is the etiquette for the timeshare. Then checkout on Sunday morning and off to Bonnie Scotland to collect Mary's mum for the New Year's Eve celebrations.

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