Sunday, November 04, 2012

19th Wedding Anniversary - The Horne Section

Purcell Room, South Bank, London. Tuesday 30-October-2012.

We had planned a quiet evening in for our actual wedding anniversary, especially after the extravagance of the weekend, but Mary spotted an item in The Metro on The Horne Section - a musical comedy act. Sounded like fun so tickets were booked and pre-theatre meal organised.

Supper was at Zen China in the old County Hall. Tasty and a few minutes stroll from the Purcell Room. One nice thing about the Purcell Room is that you can take drinks in so we settled into our chairs with a glass of wine apiece.

The guests that evening were comedian Nick Helm and Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx. We were in Row B and had an excellent view - that is the back of Felix's head just right of centre in front of us. It was all rather jolly.

The review in The Guardian described is "... under-rehearsed to the occasional point of collapse, but undertaken with charm and an open-minded curiosity as to the types of fun available when a comedian and some musicians convene. Horne may be no Sinatra, but the show goes with a real swing." and gave it four stars.

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