Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thin Lizzy at Under the Bridge

London, Wednesday 08-August-2012

Thin Lizzy clearly have amps that go all the way to 11. They say that if the music is too loud then you are too old. Bollocks to that, I say. The volume did a disservice to the music and at times it was painfully loud. Sometimes I take earplugs with me to a concert but not on this occasion. It is telling that many musicians wear earplugs. One of my nephews is in a band and he advised earplugs to their concert! It was certainly a visceral experience. The walls of the city shake.

Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - TL 02
Thin Lizzy

More pictures from me:

Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - Mosh pitThin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - VIP seatingThin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - TL 01Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - TL 02Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - TL03Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge - TL04

The support band, Biblecode Sundays, were excellent and set the scene for the main act. Obviously it could never be the same without Phil Lynott but we've seen The Blockheads without Ian Dury and still enjoyed it. However it is a matter of opinion - T.Rex without Marc Bolan? Queen without Freddy Mercury? and others...

What I can say was we had a good time. The set lasted about an hour and a half and they did the greatest hits. My personal favourite is "Dancing in the Midnight" and it really got to me. I consider that I do not have a musical bone in my body but I cannot imagine a world without music.

Cowboy Song recorded live that night

More Thin Lizzy at Under The Bridge from YouTube

The VIP tickets we reckon were worth the money: a seat, a glass of champagne and bar snacks - mini-burgers, fish and chips, mushroom risotto and - appropriately as part of the Irish festival - Irish Stew.

And then a short ride bus home. Damn I love this city.

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