Saturday, August 18, 2012

Haggis flavoured crisps

A good trip to Scotland last weekend to visit Mary's mum, May. Did the usual: take her shopping and tidy up the garden. This time there were a couple of DIY tasks for me:
  • Re-hung the doors on her new fridge-freezer so they opened the other way. One of the screws was a pig to undo so there was a lots of muttered profanities but got there in the end. Why do they have to do them so tight - with power screwdrivers presumably - when they know that re-handing may be required.
  • Installed a watering system for her pots and hanging baskets so May does not have to do any bending or lifting or carrying watering cans. Kept it simple, just turn the tap on, didn't bother with electronic timers.

In the supermarket I was muchly amused to see haggis flavoured crisps so I just had to buy a packet to try. They did indeed taste of haggis, although they were a bit salty to my palate, I say well done Mackies!

Then a lunchtime flight home so we could get ourselves down to The Alma to watch the Olympic closing ceremony. A meal, a late night and plenty to drink; I really didn't want to go to work on the Monday.

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