Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Walking in the Lake District 2012 - Day 2

Day 2 in the Lakes. Mon 04-Jun-12. Fairfield Horseshoe (872m). Graded difficult. 11 miles in 7 hours. Perfect weather - sunny and not too hot. No navigation problems today :-)

This time Mary went for the walking shoes rather than the boots for the benefit of the protruding titanium screw - that worked much better.

Fairfield Horseshoe - Rydall Beck
Rydal Beck 

The walk started gently then got steeper and steeper.

Fairfield Horseshoe - path up

The winding path soon turned into a steep scramble.

Fairfield Horseshoe - view from Heron Pike
View from Heron Pike

Half way up we stopped for a photo opportunity.

Fairfield Horseshoe - Rydal Water
Rydal Water

After the steep climb the ridge eased off for the long slog up to the highest point.

Fairfield Horseshoe - return leg 1
Ascent to the top

No pub at the halfway point here - it was a picnic lunch at the top which was like Piccadilly Circus with walkers, dog and small children milling in all directions.

Fairfield Horseshoe - Rydal Fell
Rydal Fell - view from Fairfield

Starting the descent the views are spectacular.

Fairfield Horseshoe - towards Low Pike
The final leg

So much nicer to be going downhill but it does exercise a different group of muscles.

Fairfield Horseshoe - return leg 2
Heading back towards Ambleside

A long day finished off by a quiet meal in and an early night for our aching muscles.

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