Monday, April 02, 2012

Joan Collins at The Leicester Square Theatre

London, Thursday, 15-Mar-2012

I was a little surprised at Mary's choice of entertainment, "One Night with Joan Collins" - not our normal type of theatrical selection - but still I thought it would be fun and it was. We had seen Joan once before in 1990 when she played Amanda in a revival of Noel Coward's Private Lives. Basically this was a one-woman show covering her life in four parts: the film star, the Dynasty star, the home-maker and the celebrity survivor.

Pre-theatre supper at Mary's old haunt, Kettners, then a short stroll to the The Leicester Square Theatre. It is an excellent little theatre right in the heart of the West End but walking past you would hardly know it was there.

Joan Collins at The Leicester Square Theatre

Much of the narrative was backed by a collection of movie and TV clips some of which were hilarious and some showed her as one of the great Hollywood beauties. The last section was a Q & A session with questions handed in at the interval. They were read out by her husband and Joan made the submitter stand up so she to talk to them directly. A great evening in the company of a living legend.

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