Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012 - Home alone with the family

Mary was off on a business trip to Ecuador leaving me home alone to spend quality time with the cats - an ideal time to catch up with family.

Good Friday: first stop - down to Farnham to visit Mum and Dad and meet up with an old family friend, Heather, who my father describes as an honorary daughter.

Easter 2012 - Heather at Farnham

Easter 2012 - Heather at Farnham

We have known Heather over 40 years, since school days. She and her husband dropped in on their way to Arundel for an extended cuppa.

Easter 2012 -  me, Jane, Chris, Dad.

Easter 2012 - me, Jane, Chris, Dad.

Next I was on chauffeur duty to drive Mum and Dad over to Jane and Pete's for a full family "Sunday" roast with all three of their boys plus a wife, Vanessa, and a fiancé, Hannah.

Easter 2012 - family meal

Easter 2012 - family meal

Later it was back to Farnham to spend the evening with Mum and Dad and an overnight stay.

Easter Sunday I had supper with brother Ian and Sarah for a general natter, so all in all, a full on family weekend.

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