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Kenilworth Grammar School 1971 Reunion

Kenilworth, England - Saturday 21-May-2011

At the weekend I went to my third old School reunion (see previous *). It is 40 years since I left Kenilworth Grammar School. Respect to Dilys Shepherd for her untiring efforts in tracking people down and organising these events.

This one was held in The Virgins and Castle, one of many of ye olde pubs in Kenilworth. Driving up the main drag made me realise what a delightful town it was. Probably very "middle England" and still very unspoilt.

KGS Reunion 2011 - Virgins and Castle
KGS Reunion 2011 - Virgins and Castle

Who was there? Alex Smith, Andrew Fox, Bill Nealon, Caroline Bostock, Deb Collett, Diana Gibson, Dilys, Kay Warmingham, Ken Harrop, Kevin Beckett, Liz Thomas, Louise Phillips, Mark McLellan, Mark Webster, Martin Haswell, Mary Cameron, Rick and Wendy Skelcey, Ross Beadle, Sue Kirk, Pete Old, Wendy Skinner, David Ashwell, Paul Pearce, Craig Horner, Chris Hills and Carol Mallorie

plus.... teachers: Malcolm Chambers, Norman Stevens, Fud Forsyth and Peter Muckersie

KGS Reunion 2011 - Mark Webster  and Mark McLellan
KGS Reunion 2011 - Mark Webster and Mark McLellan

As before there were people who I remembered vividly and others who I would never have picked out in a police line-up. Not that they have changed - the years, in general, have been kind to the assembled company - it was more that I simply didn't remember them despite having spent years in their company. No reflection on them more a sign of my poor memory :-(

KGS Reunion 2011 - Team Photo
KGS Reunion 2011 - Team Photo
In this photo: Andrew Fox, Paul Pearce, David Ashwell, Peter Old, Peter Muckersie, Craig Horner, Sue Kirk/Hope, William Nealon, Dilys Shepherd, Wendy Skinner, Kevin Beckett, Liz Thomas, Chris Hills, Richard Skelcey, Nigel Mykura, Sue Lamb/Mykura, Norman Stevenson, Deb Collett, Caroline Bostock/Drew, Shelby Louise Phillips, Alexandra Gunning, Mark Webster

Some people had not made it to the previous reunions so it was fascinating to hear about their lives since KGS. It was also good to get an update from those who had made previous events. There are some who Dilys has not been able to track down - whatever happened to Brian Burton or Clive Dodds - and some where the trail went cold or they never replied.

An enjoyable afternoon and I would love to spent longer chatting to some there if we could meet up again - like parties there are so many people you never get long enough to talk to everybody.

Here's to the next one!

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