Friday, April 03, 2009

The Ceylon Tavern, and Artisan and Vine

Although I don't normally use it, I just had to put the "Oxford comma" in the title; it would not have scanned aright otherwise.

As I am home alone this weekend Mary thought we should go out for a meal on our last evening together even though she is only away two nights! Who am I to argue with going out for a nice meal. And so it turned out to be.

A short bus ride took us to The Ceylon Tavern where we had an *excellent* Sri Lankan meal. Just that little bit different from your standard Indian; coconut and seafood both feature heavily in the list of ingredients.

At the end of the meal we felt like another glass of wine so we hopped back on the bus a couple of stops to the Artisan and Vine ( Very pleasant with live jazz and some interesting wines to try. We had a bit of chat with Kathryn O'Mara, founder of the wine bar, and wine blogger Denise Medrano ( In fact we chatted so long we had to have a third glass of red wine. Next morning I was not so sure number three had been a good idea but they were very tasty wines.

PS Toptable have introduced a new feature (or I have never noticed it befoe) where you can read other reviews written by a reviewer so here are all Mary's toptable reviews.

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Rosa said...

Mark & Mary! I can't get through via email. Must have it wrong somehow. Anyway, back in Nashville. Sure wish I were there, it sounds like the best time. I have a friend who comes down every year. One year, we will hook up though, promise. Again, if you need a place to travel to, you know a little place on the river is not too far away. Enjoy yourselves. Know you will.