Monday, March 02, 2009

Downsizing the MIL

Last weekend, sitting on the Heathrow Express en route to Glasgow, Mary got a call from her Mum to say that she has been allocated a place in the local sheltered accommodation. This is very good news for May. The new place may only be a few hundred metres from where she lives now but that is up hill - not good for an OAP with angina and emphysema. Her new home will be much closer to the church, the shops and the bus stop, all on the flat, plus a number of her friends also live in the complex.

May is going from 2 bed, 2 reception and a garage to 1 bed, 1 reception. Her current home is full which means she is going to have to shed 50% of all she owns in order to make the move. So instead of a bit of shopping and relaxing the weekend took the form of clearing out and a trip to the local tip. Not quite "everything must go" but not far off.

It made me think how we would be severely challenged to downsize. Quite how one couple manages to fill a 4 bed, 3 reception house plus loft, cellar, garage and 2 garden sheds is a mystery to me. We are a bit like Thunderbird 2 with pods for everything: the picnic pod, the barbecue pod, the bicycle pod, the decorating pod, the Christmas baubles pod, the walking boots pod, the "every play we have ever been to" programmes pod...

2009 is designated as the year of de-cluttering.


Rosa said...

Seems most of us are getting to that "age" of clearing out our parents' houses. It does make one stop and think what will be done with all of our JUNK! I feel your pain! But happy May will be a wonderful place that is easier for her to get around. Great news!

Anonymous said...

So glad that May will still be in the community she knows.

Remember for anything you cannot sell that there is always Freecycle. I know there is an Ayr group and on further investigation there is also a Glasgow one. Someone is always in need.

Mark McLellan said...


I should, of course, said "... and a trip to the local charity shop then the tip..." We joked that we shouldn't tell May which shop lest she go and buy her stuff back :-).

Thanks for the freecycle suggestion - I have joined the Ayr group and will see what we can find good homes for.