Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wine Tasting Dinner from the Lombardy Region

Enoteca Turi - Highly recommended. If you live in the Putney area (or beyond) it is worth the trip. Mid-week Giuseppe and Pamela organise wine dinners working their way round the regions of Italy. This is our fifth.

As always, Giuseppe does his research and gives an introduction to the history and geography of the region both of which influence the cuisine of the area. The chef prepares local dishes matched with the local wines. Educational and enjoyable at the same time :-)

Tastes and flavours
Bellavista 2007 Franciacorta DOC
Trota alla certosina
Fillet of trout with mushrooms, red wine and polenta
Riesling Oltrepo Pavese DOC 2006 Conte Vistarino
Pizzocheri della Valtellina
Buckwheat pasta with cabbage, potato and toma cheese
Parsilone VDT 2005 Tenuta Maggiore
Ossobuco con risotto alla Milanese
Valgella Ca’ Morei Valtellina Superiore DOCG 2004 Fay
Valtellina Superiore Cinque Stelle DOCG 2003 Nino Negri

Formaggi della Lombardia
Selection of the region’s cheeses: Taleggio, Gorgonzola and Provolone
Carmenero VDT 2001 Ca’ del Bosco
Torta paradiso
Amaretto di Saronna

The Franciacorta was a sparkling to match a comparably priced champagne (GBP 22) but without the image it might not get the attention it deserves.

The reisling was not at all Germanic in style (nor Alsation) but more gentle New World I enjoyed it.

The Buckwheat pasta was the standout dish for me, rustic and very, very tasty.

With the Ossobuco I preferred the Fay to the Nino Negri, both alone and with the food. As the former is GBP 15.50 and the latter GBP 36.00 I could drink two for the same money, enjoy it more and still have change.

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