Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fynbos Walk 2 - Fernkloof

The Western Cape appears well endowed with nature reserves one of which is right on our doorstep: Following on from the success of our previous guided walk (Fynbos Walk 1 - Klem and the Three Sisters) we enquired of the local Tourist Information for a Hermanus-based guide to do the same here. Which is how we came to spend two hours will Billy learning a lot about local flora and fauna.

Walk in Ferkloof - Billy
If you are interest in a guided tour contact Billy at, cell phone +27 (0) 769 673 606.

Walk in Ferkloof - Tortoises have right of way
Tortoises have right of way

Walk in Ferkloof - Mary at the crossroads
Mary at the crossroads

Walk in Ferkloof - View down to the coast
View down to the coast

We subsequently went back and walked most of the other paths ourselves and saw a fine variey of fynbos in bloom.

Ferkloof flower 1 Ferkloof flower 2 Ferkloof flower 3 Ferkloof flower 4 Ferkloof flower 4 Ferkloof flower 6 Ferkloof flower 7 Ferkloof flower 8 Ferkloof flower 9 Ferkloof flower 10 Ferkloof flower 11 Ferkloof flower 12 Ferkloof flower 13

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Rosa said...

Tortoise have right-of-way--as they should. Poor little darlings can only move so fast! Love the flora! Beautiful.