Thursday, December 06, 2007

Scales Family Tree

All this family research was triggered by my Mum. She has been wanting to research her family for a while and this year went to St Andrews church in Hertford. There she got a whole heap of births, marriages and deaths plus some census records for assorted Scales in and around Hertingfordbury Road. Having got all the pieces we proceeded to assemble the jigsaw into a family tree:

scales family tree

There were a couple of false starts. For example the gravestones revealed that the earliest Thomas Scales turned out to have married twice which suddenly made sense of the ages of the children. And one of his children by the second wife had two sons both called Thomas: one was Thomas William (sometimes just called William) and one called Thomas (sometimes called Thomas Jnr).

I think we have cracked it now and this is an extract showing the direct line:
extract from scales family tree 1
extract from scales family tree 2

Complete family tree as pdf
Genealogy Report as pdf
Genealogy Report as txt


Rosa said...

I started our family tree once and got sidetracked and have never gone back. From what I've been told, I have English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch and, of course, American Indian. I was told once by a Pakistani that all Americans claim to have American Indian in them. Oh well. I think I do. Anyhoo. Yes, Americans got all politically correct in the late 70s and started saying Happy Holidays so not to offend the non-christians. Whatchya gonna do.

Anonymous said...

I have connections with name SCALES, can you contact me?

Anonymous said...

kenadee scales?