Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Street Life (2 BE or NOT 2B)

That is the question. Shall we take the Bentley or the Aston Martin?

bentley and aston martin

Sunday we went for a walk, the six of us plus two children, to walk off Saturday's DP (more on that later). Our route took us along the Thames path as far as Putney bridge then back along the north side to Battersea bridge. On the way we passed this pair of cars parked outside a "des res" in Chelsea.

One may envy his wealth but you have to grant that the man has a sense of humour.


Rosa said...

And you say those vanity plates are quite expensive to purchase there. Perhaps a thespian owner? (I always try and figure out why they chose the plates they did.)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, and isn't there a 'no parking' sign behind the left car...? ;-)

flutterby said...

I saw this the yesterday whilst driving by and it certainly lifted my spirits. I think one of the cars has been changed though. The owners of the number plates should be commended for their wit. I'm definitely one of the passers by who appreciated the sight.

flutterby said...

A little bit into who it is: