Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Chateau Climens Dinner

Another BBR extravagant wine dinner. Hosted by Oliver East, Bordeaux Buyer, Guest Speaker Bérénice Lurton, Owner.

Before we arrived we were thinking, like others, "Are they really going to serve a dessert wine with every course?" The answer was "Yes" and "Don't call it a dessert wine", says Bérénice, "it is a sweet wine".
Berrys' UKC Blanc de Blancs, Grand Cru, Le Mesnil
2004 Cypres de Ch. Climens, Barsac
Lobster bisque - with lobster beignets & chervil oil
2004 Ch. Climens, 1 er Grand Cm Classe, Barsac
Ballotine of foie gras with Sauternes caviar jelly & crisp bread
2000 Ch. Climens, 1 er Grand Cm Classe, Barsac
1996 Ch. Climens, 1 er Grand Cm Classe, Barsac
Gallotine of quail in pistachio & truffle mousse & sauce Marsala
1990 Ch. Climens, 1 er Grand Cm Classe, Barsac
1977 Ch. Climens, 1 er Grand Cm Classe, Barsac
Vanilla mille feuille with caramelised pear
Berrvs' selected coffee and chocolates
The 2004 Cypres, their second wine, was warm, light and fruity with a hint of mushroom on the nose. An interesting contrast to the Climens '04 which was darker and heavier and sharper showing the acid that would help it age.

The 2000 was fresh and light and very enjoyable. Not so the '96 which was distinctly musty on the nose with hint of white spirit and not as sharp as the '00. Others thought so too and they changed the bottle and brought us fresh glasses. The '90 was excellent with a "brisk" flavour and a lovely golden colour.

The '77 again had a hint of mustiness, not so much "noble rot" as plain rot, a disappointing final wine. I don't think this dinner showed the Chateau to best advantage.

Some years back we bought a half case of the 1990 and are down to our last bottle with nary a duff bottle so this will not put us off the chateau - just be more careful in our choice of vintage.

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