Monday, August 20, 2007

Bathroom Update (1)

The lads are cracking on. Andy brought in a couple of electricians on Wednesday so we now have new ceiling lights: a couple of blue ones over the bath and five white ones across the rest of the ceiling. They are operated by a twin dimmer switch and all laid out in a neat diagonal pattern. Plus various other switches and boxes of unkown function, probably for the extractor fan and fuses and such like.

The plumbing also moves forward. The pipework for the basin is now plastered over and some new pipework has appeared where the shower will go. Now all we need is a bath. It was supposed to be delivered last Wednesday. Apparently it is in the country but not yet with the shop (Colourwash).

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Rosa said...

Dying to see the tub and sink! How fun (well, not right now, I'm sure!). The guys arrived here this morning and demo has begun. I don't know if I'm happy or sad, truthfully.