Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Firewall blues

Well it had to happen I guess. Ever since working at the current client site their company firewall has banned access to inappropriate sites. Fair enough. Their definition of inappropriate has always included web mail, so no catching up on your correspondance even at lunchtime.

Now the inevitable has happened and they have added blog sites, discussion forums and photo-sharing sites to that list :-(

That means no blog-surfing at lunchtime to catch up on the blogroll; no more quick posts from work; no more commenting on others blogs. Oh well. Apologies to my regular reads.


Stuffy said...

They bind you and blind you with rules and regulations, strike out comrade, strike out against the forces of blog-gagging. It is the right, nay the duty of every consultant to be paid huge amounts of public money to amuse their chums.

Rosa said...

That sucks. Just who do they think they are? Next thing,they'll ban computers! Bah humbug!

Stuffy said...