Thursday, April 05, 2007

American Visitors

Over the weekend Mary was in Scotland with her Mum and I was playing host to a couple of American visitors: Elizabeth (an old colleague) and Baylor, a friend of hers.

They arrived Friday morning and we immediately set off to Stonehenge with a couple of minor detours to look at where Elizabeth and I worked together for a while. Stonehenge was pretty chilly, grey and overcast but an unexpected bonus for Baylor; E and I have been there before but it is still an impressive sight.

Saturday they did not want to do the tourist thing so we chilled out around Wandsworth. We went to the farmers' market by the station and then for a walk along the Thames-side path. We took a route Mary and I do often over Wandle Creek, through the park (Grade 2 listed) to Putney Bridge and back through the residential streets. I was pointing out all the typical Victorian terraced housing. Then quick visits to Ros and to Sarah to drop off stuff for our visit to Italy on Saturday and finally home for a meal with the food from the market.

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