Monday, September 18, 2006

Lamia House so nearly finished

We always had it in mind that the Trulli House would be for renting out and the Lamia House would be ours to live in. The Trulli House has been habitable since last Septmber (see "Puglian Diary") but the Lamia House has been lagging behind. Now we are well and truly moved in.

We arrived Saturday and on the Sunday moved our bed from one house to the other and so spent our first night in the "new" house. Over the course of the following two weeks we took delivery of another bed to replace the one we moved, a dining table and chairs, a day bed (with truckle bed beneath) and a blanket box.

[click image for larger version]

The big excitement was the joiners finally fitting the kitchen cupboards they were due to install back in June/July. A few hiccups like the door for the fitted fridge was a single piece but we have a fridge/freezer. An animated discussion between architect and joiner ensued; the door went away and a two separate doors returned.

[click image for larger version]

The hot water system was playing up so our guests had a number of cold showers but by the time we left, and after numerous visits from Ignazio the engineer, we seem to have it fixed. Now we are down to a final snagging list (US: punch list) to make the whole thing complete.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It all looks lovely. I liked the story of the fridge/freezer door[s]!

Rosa said...

Mark (and Mary, of course), congrats. It looks official now. Getting all the bugs out, bit by bit, how fun. The floors look magnificent as do the countertops and back splash. Loving that blue window in the kitchen! Beautiful touch!

Mark McLellan said...

All the external doors and windows are that colour. For security they are metal. The original doors were blue and we kept that typical mediterranean colour scheme of white and blue. Note the satin blue Le Creuset pans on the shelf. We also have loads of Nigella Lawson kitchenware in the same blue. It's all *so* very tasteful.