Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The bedroom that fell down

Our bedroom is in the trulli that fell down (see "It fell down..."). Previously the cone was "blind". We took the opportunity to rebuild it with a window, albeit a small one, to be in keeping with the rest of the property. Given that wall is over three foot thick (1.20 meter to be exact) it is more like looking out of a square porthole.

Mark and Mary's bedroom in the Lamia House

The door between it and the front cone is small and arched so Daniele designed a two part door. The panels are glass so our friend Lynn made curtains for us for all of the lamia doors.

Door between back bedroom and front sitting room

Since our last visit some wild beast (well I am assuming a local dog) ran all over the nice, white pizza oven roof with muddy paws, then up the stairs to the roof of the Lamia, peered over one parapet, trotted over to the other side, peered over that, repeated for a third side and then off again.

Paw prints on the Pizza oven roof


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The design of the doors does look ingenious. I like the paw prints photo!

Rosa said...

I love the little window! The paw prints look much like wallpaper. Too funny. I guess no pizza was to be found.

Mark McLellan said...

I have often thought that Sanderson have missed a trick by not producing a cat paw-print range for cat owners interior design.

Ballpoint Wren said...

That's what I thought... the paw prints look like wallpaper! It's not too bad.

Are you going to paint it?