Monday, May 23, 2005

It fell down...

Last Monday when talking to Daniele, the architect, to arrange our meeting on Friday just gone, he said "the trulli with the crack, it fell down". What!?

Now it didn't look too bad the last time we saw it, that crack, but when removing the chiancarelle (stone roof tiles) the changes in stress were, apparently, enough to cause the wall to give way:

Collapsed Trulli


Elizabeth said...

Oh dear! How much longer will the renovation take after this?

Mark McLellan said...

Completion date has moved from mid-July to early October but not entirely due to this.

The start was slightly delayed by additonal permits as we are in a "zona idrologica" and we decided on some extra work to restore one cone back to it original condition.

Daniele assures us we will be able to have a September holiday in one half of the property.