Friday, December 17, 2004

Toasted Mars Bar on brown

Listening to the Radio 4 item this morning on the Deep Fried Mars Bar (apparently it is real not an urban myth) took me back to my early years in London back in 1979.

Working at Coopers & Lybrand in Noble Street, EC2 we would frequent the local sandwich bar, Piccolo's. They would make to order whatever you wanted - the usual stuff: cheese and tomato, ham and cream cheese, cream cheese and pineapple, ham and pineapple.

Someone said "Yecch! Ham and pineapple!" The debate ensued with popular examples of meat and fruit combinations: gammon and pineapple, duck á l'orange, chicken maryland. The wife of a colleague was known to be partial to bacon and banana.

This lead on to silly suggestions for fillings which spiralled out of control until we got to "Toasted Mars Bar on brown" ('cos that would make it healthy then).

Bron challenged "If you eat it I'll pay for it." And it was delicious <g>


Violet said...

pork and apple sauce?

Mark McLellan said...

Of course, how could I have missed that one. And not to forget Cranberry sauce with Turkey either.

BTW I have an American friend who lives in Maryland and she tells me that including banana in Chicken Maryland isn't from there - some Brit invented variant maybe?

Anonymous said...

When I was little, the after school snack of choice was "du pain, du beurre et du chocolat" (crusty bread with butter and a bar of dark chocolate in the middle).

BTW is my site still barred by your work server?

Strops (

Mark McLellan said...

Morning Strops

Yep, still barred. but the warning screen does say "It is possible that the page has been incorrectly categorised, or that you have a valid reason for gaining access to it. In which case you may appeal by writing to [deleted]@[deleted].com, stating details of the access you need and the business process which would be supported by it."

Business need? Hmm, tricky! They block webmail, ebay, most free hosts (like Yahoo! GeoCities) and a number of content filtered sites e.g. I cannot access My Boyfriend is a ****.

Becoming more and more common for corporates, I get that at most client sites these days. So I can only visit your blog from home or cybercafe.