Thursday, June 10, 2004

In the UK 390,000 Jedis there are

I always what happened as a result of that urban legend that if enough people put Jedi as their religion it would have to be officially recognised (see Google). Well in the UK 2001 Census 390,000 people did just that according to UK National Statistics Online. That is seven in every thousand. Excellent :-)


Ben said...
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Mark McLellan said...


Deep apologies, accidentally deleted your comment, do you know how (if) I can reinstate it?

Mark at work

Ben said...

Hi Mark, thanks for dropping by my site!

I too was one of the sad 390,000 who claimed to be a jedi! When i was in the union bar at Liverpool University a group of people were handing out flyers telling people to claim Jedi as their religion!!

The census. Its Sense-less.

(Will this "highly offensive" comment be deleted again?!?!)

Mark McLellan said...

Nope, now I have RTFM'd and know what that little dustbin icon does. I know I could have guessed but it did not even give me an "Are you sure?".