Friday, May 07, 2004

The tree where Marc Bolan died

Now here is a thing. Yesterday was a lovely sunny, brisk spring morning and at 06:55am I was touching the tree where Marc Bolan died (see T.Rex FAQ). Completely unplanned.

Wednesday I visited Mum - out of hospital and hobbling about the house with two walking sticks. Then on to meet with bro and sis in Wandsworth for a meal and debrief on the last 6 weeks.

Mary and I have a small flat round the corner on the Wandsworth one-way system, where I planned to stay the night. Unfortunately when I left Avon Cottage I also left the flat keys so ended up sleeping in Ian's spare bedroom (he lives in Barnes). Then up at 06:15 to get back to SW18 to pick up the car and drive back to A.C.

The 06:47 from Barnes Bridge was cancelled so I decided to walk back to Wandsworth which took me past Barnes station - just 2 minutes walk from the tree. So I *had* to detour and pay my respects. There on the notice board was a laminated note from the Tilldawn and Trex mailing lists.

Funny how the day goes...