Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Monday, Monday

Got to Frimley Park Hospital at 5pm to discover that Mum had been moved from ICU to an Acute Dependency Ward (one down from High Dependency) with 1:4 nurse:patient ratio. Great to see continuing improvement. She is now on pureed food, although she does say that liquidised ricotta and spinach lasagne is not the most visually appealing meal. Well, what she actually said was "It looks pretty disgusting" :-)

Had a brief chat to a charming (and very young looking) doctor who confirmed the details of the operation and that she is - now - doing well. Particularly circulation in the legs can be a concern but not here.

About 6:30pm the food trolley arrived with something brown and pureed, with a scoop of mashed potato so I left her and Dad to it.

BTW I should introduce my parents by name: my Dad is Michael, my Mum is Geri. Her full name is Margery and all her life she has been Gerry. Then a couple of years ago she announced that henceforth she wished to spelled Geri - like the spice girl! A woman of character my Mum.

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