Sunday, April 04, 2004

Friday on my mind

Friday night it was just a short visit as I was in transit from Heathrow to Avon Cottage. I do not feel like a particularly dutiful son just popping in "en passant" but with both Mary and I working abroad - in different countries at that - I *also* feel the need to get home to Mary most speedily.

Anyhoo, Mum was much more alert and chatty, telling us the full details about the day her legs went (only two weeks ago yesterday!). Ian and Sarah were visiting as well. It was my first visit to the Intensive Care Unit, just like in the movies with monitor screens and electronic boxes that go "ping". Mum gave us a jiggle of the legs to show us they are working. She is off intravenous feeding and was being fed some kind of slurry through a tube up her nose. I learned just now from Dad that she ate some porridge the last two mornings and some mashed potato last night. So they are starting the proccess of weaning her back onto solids. All good news :-)

And finally... Spring is here. We had our first al fresco breakfast of the year. Wonderful to sit eating sausage butties in the sunshine and admiring the garden.

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