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Wine Tasting - Majestic Commercial

WASP (Wine Appreciation Society, Penrith), Roundthorn Country House Hotel, Penrith. Thursday 28-March-2023.

This tasting was unusual on two counts:

Firstly: we couldn't buy the wines we were tasting. 

The wines were presented by Dale Wharton of Majestic Wines, specifically Majestic Commercial who supply to the trade - hotels, restaurant, caterers, etc. These wines are literally "not available in the shops". Not sure why, perhaps there was a misunderstanding re the precise nature of WASP. He did apologise, next time he would present wines from the retail arm, or we might see if WASP could be registered as trade or society so we could place a communal order.

Personally it didn't bother me too much. Wine tasting is about learning, expanding one's knowledge of wine and trying wines that you might not otherwise sample. 

Secondly: We had canapés with each wine. 

Normally we have a buffet at the end but wine tasting on an empty stomach can make one giddy. We always eat beforehand and only lightly at the buffet. This new arrangement was by way of an experiment and the kitchen at the Roundthorn did an excellent job. Then plan next time is to try having the buffet before and see which of the various arrangements work best.

Wine Country Region ABV

  • Tasting Notes 
  • Food Pairing
  • Mary's notes and ✱ star rating.

Cave de Lugny Saintchargny no56 France Burgundy 11.5%

  • Made purely from Chardonnay, this elegant fizz is made by customer favourite producer Cave de Lugny. Expect floral aromas and notes of citrus, hazelnut and butter. [Other wines from this producer are available in the shops]
  • Sweetcorn Fritter & Avocado Salsa
  • Fresh, yeasty; light, citrus. ✱✱

Henri Ehrhart Rosé France Alsace 12.5%

  • Pale pink colour, the wine seduces by its aromatic intensity with notes of violets and cherries; a real treat! The palate is lively, light and refreshing with fruity and slightly vegetal notes. 
  • Sticky Prawn & Mango Skewers
  • Strawberry / floral; fresh, fruity, good acidity; slight sprinkle on finish ✱.

Nicolas Rouzet Touraine Sauvignon Blanc France Loire 12.5%

  • Aromas of grapefruit and gooseberry leap from the glass, along with hints of lime, chalk and flint. 
  • Smoked Trout Pate on Toasted Croutons
  • Pale lemon; grapefruit & gooseberry; lime, gooseberry, green; good acidity, smooth ✱✱✱.

Macon-Villages, Cave de Lugny Les Florières (Vegan) France Burgundy 13%

  • Clear and shiny yellow in colour, this light and aromatic Chardonnay offers a seductive nose of delicate citrus notes and intense minerality. The cuvée perfectly illustrates the fruity and flattering palate of the wines of the Mácon-Villages appellation. 
  • Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas
  • Fresh, citrus; flinty; citrus, richer, smooth, good fruit flavours, nice aftertaste. ✱✱✱.

Baron de Baussac Viognier (Vegan) France Pays d'Oc 13%

  • A richly-textured white, with bright aromas of ripe apricot and peach, hints of grapefruit and fresh pineapple. 
  • Air Dried Ham, Fig, Honey & Walnuts on Toasted Croutons
  • Richer tropical fruits / grapefruit; lime, grapefuit. ✱✱✱.

St Desir Pinot Noir (Vegan) France Pays d'Oc 13%

  • Showing violets and sweet red berries on the nose, the palate is light, velvety and intricate, with integrated toasted notes. 
  • Mini Shepherds Pie
  • Perfumed, light, sweet, red berries; light, smoothe, creamy, elegant, ripended fruits, fresh. ✱✱.

Ventoux Aimé Aroux, Organic France Rhône 13.5%

  • Rich and complex, this wine is classic Rhône: a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvedre and Cinsault. With plenty of intense red-fruit aromas and spicy nuances, it's a real reflection of the sunny limestone plateau on which the vineyards are located. 
  • Belly Pork, Hoisin sauce
  • Vanilla?, spicy cedar; spicy smooth, soft tannins; good aftertaste, long. ✱✱✱.

Beauté du Sud Malbec (Vegan) France Pays d'Oc 13%

  • Blackberries, plums and blueberries, accompanied by a subtle touch of spice. Juicy, smooth and weighty palate. 
  • Mini Beef Sliders
  • Perfumed, ripe dark fruit; smooth, more powerful, well balance. ✱✱✱½.

Overall an interesting tasting with many wines we enjoyed.

We had encouraged some friends, Paul and Jules, to join. Unsurprisingly they did not take much persuading. We gave them a lift up and did the usual “abandon car and walk home”. They gave me a lift back the next morning to retrieve our car thus saving me half hour's walk uphill. 

That’s our last tasting for a few months as we are off to Italy for the summer.

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