Saturday, July 08, 2023

Il Borgo Cantato - Traditional Music Festival

Cisternino, Puglia, Italy. Saturday/Sunday 08/09-July-2023.

Il Borgo Cantato. Festival della Musica Tradizionale in Valle d'Itria. Cisternino 7-8-9 luglio 2023.

The summer music concerts continued with two days of traditional folk music.

Saturday 8th.  "Totarello" traditional music band from Pollino, up near the borders of Calabria and Basilicata. 

This seven piece band played traditional pizzica music - a local folk dance that always gets the crowd up and dancing in a gentler form of Puglian mosh pit. 

As usual there were those who were just having a good time and others who looked like they knew what they were doing. 

Sunday 9th. Trio Levantino. A trio of drum, accordion and guitar comprising Carlo "Canaglia" De Pascali, Mario Salvi and Daniele Vigna. Again traditional folk style and dancing in the street. 

The Puglian version of Bodhrán featured heavily. 

More pizzica dancing.

Age is no bar to dancing. This old boy was completely unaware that lots of us were looking on in awe and taking videos

Again we sat in PG Il Villa bar with our glass of wine and enjoyed some excellent free music on a balmy summer's evening. What's not to like!

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