Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Crown Failure and Extraction UL7

Penrith, Cumbria. Wednesday 14-June-2023.

While we were in Italy one of my crowns started to wobble and then fell off completely. Fortunately we were due to return to the UK the following week and my dental practice was able to squeeze in an emergency appointment. 

My teeth happen to be well documented because my longtime dentist Professor Raj K Raja Rayan OBE, now retired, was also a dental lecturer. One time I went for a visit and my x-rays were on the board with a big letter A. It turned out that he had used them as an exam question and asked the candidates what their assessment and treatment might be. One wag joked, “I’d pull them all out and start again!”

He also used my teeth in a presentation on crowns, which is how I came to know the dates of every single crown in my head. This one was UL7, the gold crown top left (right in photo) at the back fitted in 1994.

When I got to the dentist it was obvious that it was going to be an extraction, which I was not looking forward to, as there was nothing left above gum level. However the dentist did a wonderful job. He trisected the tooth and extracted each root separately, so it all went very smoothly. 

I showed him this picture of my teeth complete with dates, including the fact that this crown was nearly 30 years old. “That’s older than me!” he exclaimed. So it’s not just policeman who are getting younger.


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